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The glamour and glitz of the modeling industry is simply too powerful a lure for thousands of people who fall victim each year to beauty contest and modeling-career scams.

They promise whatever it takes to separate you from your pocketbook. They’ll claim you’re one of the few to be selected, compliment everything about you, and promise they have connections making it easy for you to obtain a high paying job. But first you have to pay money...lots of it.

Here are a few tips to consider before you sign up:


  • Watch out for high-pressure sales tactics. Demand all claims and promises in writing and read the small print.
  • Don’t sign up on the spot. Take a sample contract home and review it carefully with others.
  • Contact models and companies who use the agency. Reputable agencies should have no problem providing you with their names and phone numbers.
  • Ask if the company is licensed or bonded, if required by your state. Verify it with the appropriate authorities.
  • Be leery of any company requiring an up-front fee to work as your agent.
  • Avoid companies that require you to use a specific photographer. Compare costs and quality of several photographers. Don’t pay in full until the pictures are delivered.
  • Learn about the industry yourself by talking to professionals already working in the field and to companies that hire models.


The Federal Trade Commission



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