Seal of Excellence 

Stan’s “Seal of Excellence” is issued to select companies demonstrating a willingness to meet high standards and showing a record of outstanding customer service.

To qualify, organizations must offer quality products and services at fair prices, advertise ethically, receive a minimal number of complaints and resolve problems promptly, fairly and courteously.

I’m proud to announce the names of my Seal recipients and provide links to their web sites. Additional companies will be considered in the future.

About Stan

Stan formed a new company, Trust Stan, LLC, to enable him to continue helping.

He advises businesses on ways to improve customer service, consults television stations on how to successfully operate consumer units and operates a program to continue giving consumers a place to turn.

Helpful Links

Numerous government and private agencies regulate, set standards and/or investigate complaints about businesses and professionals.

They offer a wealth of helpful consumer information and provide places to turn if you are treated improperly.

Consumer Tips

My goal is to make your contacts with businesses more consumer-friendly.

I developed these helpful tips from my personal and professional experiences while helping consumers as a television consumer/investigative reporter.