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Problems with home remodeling and repairs are always near the top of the list of consumer complaints. To protect yourself:

  • Get at least three bids for major projects clearly showing the type and amount of materials. The lowest bid is not always the best.
  • Require a written contract and any changes to it should be added as well.
  • Don’t pay large amounts in advance. Pay as the work progresses.
  • Avoid contractors who claim to just happen to be in the neighborhood.

Use the following checklist and be sure pertinent information, such as start & completion dates, payment methods, permits, lien waivers and guarantees is included in the contract.


  • Name of person offering bid
  • Business name, phone & street address (No P.O. box)
  • How long has the business operated under this name?
  • Name of the owner or president
  • Where does the business do its banking?
  • Does the business have an occupational license in my city?
  • Is the business registered in my state & under what name?
  • List five customers for whom the business recently did similar work and contact them
  • Will the contractor agree to:

    1) Submit a bid itemizing all costs & materials?
    2) Include start & completion dates in the contract?
    3) Accept final payment after completion?
    4) Acquire city permits & homes’ association approvals?
    5) Guarantee the job for at least one year & that it will pass city inspections?
    6) Provide copies of warranties for materials?
    7) Provide a certificate of insurance showing coverage?
    8) Provide names & phone numbers of subcontractors?
    9) Provide lien waivers from subs & suppliers?

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National Association of the Remodeling Industry



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